There are no flowers, not this time

Just these stark words, I find...

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Oh yeah:

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So comment if you want to added also you have to add back too ^-^

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(Deleted comment)
You want to be added? Sure! ^-^


(Deleted comment)
I usually don't leave random comments on Lj... but you look cool and I noticed you play GW. Heh, I'm such a nerd lately... hit me back if you feel like it ^^;

*smiles* I don't actually play GW (Guild Wars?) but I have a lot of images to it. I liked the graphics and the official images out they have of it so that's why it's in my interests. I would have it just the reason I don't is that it didn't come out over here ^-^

I looked cool *grins* That's a first but very welcome.

I wont hit you, just add you instead XD

I found you on the Drakengard community, mind adding me back?

^-^ No not at all!


you seem really nice and we have some similar interests! added you ^_^

^-^ You seem really nice too! I'll add you back!

I remember you pen name! It's me again. When I used the rename token it I had to delete all of my friends so, mind adding me again. Sorry!

I don't mind at all ^^ I love your new name!

NO! :-p

XD Or else what?! You'll raise an army against me too!?

*whimpers* Ok... *Little white flag*

hi~ i saw you posting on a gazette comm and found out u ♥ Reita too ^-^
add me? xD

(Deleted comment)
Haha! All good :D Reita is <3 XD

Sure thing! :)

Reita?? He's amaaaaaazing.
Add? =)

Reita is amazing XD <3
Sure :)

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